With One Word

With One Word is back from the editor. I’ll be making the final fixes to the text this weekend, so it should go live on Amazon sometime mid-to-late next week. I apologize for the delay in getting it out, but the extra time has allowed me to deliver a much stronger book. I had initially targeted the story to be about 50,000 words, which is around the length of a standard Harlequin category romance novel, but the final result ended up being almost 75,000 words. Holly had a bigger story to tell than I had imagined.

Teaser blurb:

Ever since my dad walked out, my life has been hell. The whole town knows my mother is an alcoholic whore. She ruined high school for me and is making things even worse for my little sister Willow. Every guy I’ve ever gone out with has only been after one thing, thanks to Mom’s reputation, and my only real friend has moved halfway across the country to go to college. The only person left who seems to care about me at all is my best friend’s dad, Grant. And now I’m afraid I’m starting to care about him just a little more than I should. Over the years women have moved in and out of his life, but none of them lasted for long. I’ve always wondered if Grant is waiting for the right woman to come along. Only what if she’s already here, and he’s just waiting for her to grow up?


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