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Every look at him caused Celeste to weaken a bit more.

Stephen was a rich playboy who was probably going to lead her on and dump her as soon as he got bored with her. His brother Andrew thought she was a gold-digger. His mother and sister liked her even less than Andrew did. She couldn’t afford to keep doing this. If she fell for him, fell hard the way she knew she was going to, he was going to shatter her heart into a million pieces. But when he asked her to go away with him for the weekend, somehow she couldn’t tell him no.

What was it about Stephen that made it so impossible for her to walk away?

If his family hadn’t butted in, Stephen might have been content to let things with Celeste play out at their own pace. After their interference, though, he’d had no choice but to make a bold move and invite her for a weekend away together. He’d intended to give her some time to get used to the idea of them begin together outside of the office and promised her there would be no expectations this weekend.

Stephen was pretty sure he was going to break that promise before Sunday.

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The Winter Billionaires

Due to certain issues which don’t bear going into, the Winter Billionaire series will now be published under this name rather than as Kelli Wolfe. They’re a little steamier than the other books in my catalog, but definitely romance. The series will weigh in around 120,000 words when it’s complete, and if people like it enough then I’ll do a follow-on series about the billionaire’s bad-boy brother.

The first two installments are available now.

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How had her life gotten so complicated? As if grad school wasn’t hard enough, Celeste had caught her boyfriend cheating on her and kicked him out of their apartment. Now she’s on the hook for all the bills, and she needs a job that will pay her more than a teaching assistant’s meager salary. In desperation she finds herself at a party on the yacht of Andrew Winter, a playboy oil billionaire, hoping to land a job as his personal assistant. But the gorgeous stranger she ends up talking to isn’t Andrew Winter.

In the dim light she couldn’t make out the color of his eyes, but it really didn’t matter. They were riveted on her, and that was all she cared about at the moment.

What she can see is that he’s smoking hot, oozing testosterone, and interested in her. After the hit her ego has taken with her ex, the attention is nice. It isn’t going to get him anywhere, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with it. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a little moonlight on a yacht with good company? But no one had bothered to tell Stephen he couldn’t have a taste, and now his soft lips are setting her on fire.

Why couldn’t she enjoy it for just a little while? It wouldn’t hurt anything, would it?