The Winter Billionaires

Due to certain issues which don’t bear going into, the Winter Billionaire series will now be published under this name rather than as Kelli Wolfe. They’re a little steamier than the other books in my catalog, but definitely romance. The series will weigh in around 120,000 words when it’s complete, and if people like it enough then I’ll do a follow-on series about the billionaire’s bad-boy brother.

The first two installments are available now.

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How had her life gotten so complicated? As if grad school wasn’t hard enough, Celeste had caught her boyfriend cheating on her and kicked him out of their apartment. Now she’s on the hook for all the bills, and she needs a job that will pay her more than a teaching assistant’s meager salary. In desperation she finds herself at a party on the yacht of Andrew Winter, a playboy oil billionaire, hoping to land a job as his personal assistant. But the gorgeous stranger she ends up talking to isn’t Andrew Winter.

In the dim light she couldn’t make out the color of his eyes, but it really didn’t matter. They were riveted on her, and that was all she cared about at the moment.

What she can see is that he’s smoking hot, oozing testosterone, and interested in her. After the hit her ego has taken with her ex, the attention is nice. It isn’t going to get him anywhere, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with it. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a little moonlight on a yacht with good company? But no one had bothered to tell Stephen he couldn’t have a taste, and now his soft lips are setting her on fire.

Why couldn’t she enjoy it for just a little while? It wouldn’t hurt anything, would it?


23 thoughts on “The Winter Billionaires

  1. It should be live tonight or tomorrow. It’s hard to give precise dates, because while Google play usually pushes new releases in a couple of hours, it can take Amazon and B&N 2-3 days to publish, Kobo can take a week, iTunes can take a month… It has been published, though, and when it’s live on the big sites I’ll send out a newsletter with the purchase links.


    • I’m going to *try* to get everything finished and publish it towards the end of the week, but I’m running a couple of days behind and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make that deadline. Most likely it will be out end of next week (first week of May).


      • No, I’m just running behind. DH got sick early last week and then changed over to a 3rd shift position so my sleep schedule got messed up and I’ve been a total zombie. It’s going to take me a couple of days to get caught up on everything. I’m really sorry, but it was just one of those weeks where nothing went right. 😦

        I am pushing hard to get it published before this weekend. Hopefully my editor will let me slide it under her door in the next day or two, even though I missed my deadline.


  2. I like your characters in The Winter’s Story. However I really wish you & the other authors would write books instead of long chapters. I feel like I am listening to the OLD RADIO programs of LONG AGO. My Grandma told me they would sit, listen & go AHHHH when a voice said to be continued. There are more & more REALLY GREAT Amazon authors that do this to their readers.
    Last year I swore that I would check for page count or the last page to look for the dreaded words CONTINUED. Winter’s Heat was the 1st time I haven’t. BUT, I really hate to put a book down when it has me hooked, so unless you have stand alone books, I’m finished lured (no pun intended) back to reading your longish chapters. Seriously, it would be a real pleasure reading your work in
    one book. Same price as a paperback in the long run, a bit pricey for a Kindle Romance….


    • I understand that the format isn’t appealing to everyone, but the Winter’s Heat series is not designed or written as a novel. I deliberately set out to create something that was put together along the lines of a soap opera season or a TV miniseries because I wanted to try something different. I used to be a huge Days of Our Lives fan and read most of Dumas’ serialized novels while I was in college, and so when I was reading Rachel Higginson’s excellent Love and Decay zombie serial over Christmas I thought it would be fun to try. Unlike chapters, which are mostly just a convenient grouping of scenes in a novel, each installment has a specific structure it follows and ends with a cliffhanger. It’s text-based and there’s an overall story arc so I guess you can call it a novel if you want, but that’s kind of like putting the episodes of a TV miniseries together and calling it a movie. If you hold your head just right and squint a little you can make it fit, but it’s really an oversimplification of what’s really there. I do intend to release a bundled version after the series is complete for those who prefer to get it all in one dose, though.

      As for pricing? Each installment is over 15,000 words, so if you put four installments together you’d have a book longer than a category romance, which typically run $3.99 (or more) as ebooks. When the series is complete it will weigh in over 120,000 words, which is pretty substantial for a contemporary romance. Since the first installment is free, the whole thing ends up costing around $6.99. While that isn’t bargain basement, given the number of books priced between $7.99 – $14.99 in the romance top 100 lists, it doesn’t seem to be terribly overpriced for the length, either.

      Honestly, the book probably never would have been written if I hadn’t wanted to try out the serial format. The basic idea and notes had been gathering dust on my hard drive since 2012 when I originally shelved them because I had other stories that I wanted to write more. But this story was far better suited than any of the others to being told in this fashion, so I dusted it off and here we are.


  3. When will books 6,7,and 8 be released in the winter’s billionaire series? I have read books 1 through 5 and am totally hooked!


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