Winter’s Chill now available


Someone wanted to send a message—but was it intended for Celeste or for Stephen?

There are plenty of suspects, but no real clues as to who set Celeste’s car on fire. Stephen wants her safe at his house, and despite her reservations that’s where she finds herself. Will his family stand by while she moves into his place? Even as she tries to settle in, the past insists on coming back to haunt them both. Alan won’t stay away, and with him he carries the shadows of her old life which she had thought safely buried. At the same time, Stephen’s secrets are beginning to leak out as well, even though he seems determined to hold onto them.

Tricia was here in Houston. Stephen had seen her again without telling me.

Stephen is going to find out who was responsible for torching Celeste’s car and make sure they never threaten her again. First, though, he has to make sure she’s safe, and to do that he’s going to keep her at his place where he never has to let her out of his sight. Then he somehow has to convince his family that Celeste isn’t after his bank accounts, while at the same time dealing with his former fiancée’s blackmail attempts. As if things aren’t complicated enough, he still hasn’t told Celeste about Patricia. He had to be careful—that  whole situation is a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow up in his face.

Both Celeste’s future and my own rested on me not making any more stupid mistakes.

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Winter’s Lure now available


She had told him that she loved him, and now she didn’t know what to do.

Celeste just wants to go on pretending as long as she can that the words had just been something that popped out of her mouth in her panic, and that she didn’t really mean them. While she might possibly be able to look Stephen in the eye and convince him of that, she knows that if he asks her, in her heart she’ll have to admit to herself that she did mean every single syllable.

She’d fallen in love with Stephen.

The Winter family isn’t exactly ready to welcome her with open arms, though. They don’t fool around when they think someone is going to hurt the family. If Andrew and Sherri really think she’s just after their brother’s money, they’ll stop at nothing to get her away from him. And the Winters aren’t the only ones threatening to tear them apart. Both have pasts returning to haunt them, and secrets that they’d rather keep. But it was far too late for second thoughts.

After him, how could she ever bear to go back to the merely ordinary?

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