Winter’s Lure now available


She had told him that she loved him, and now she didn’t know what to do.

Celeste just wants to go on pretending as long as she can that the words had just been something that popped out of her mouth in her panic, and that she didn’t really mean them. While she might possibly be able to look Stephen in the eye and convince him of that, she knows that if he asks her, in her heart she’ll have to admit to herself that she did mean every single syllable.

She’d fallen in love with Stephen.

The Winter family isn’t exactly ready to welcome her with open arms, though. They don’t fool around when they think someone is going to hurt the family. If Andrew and Sherri really think she’s just after their brother’s money, they’ll stop at nothing to get her away from him. And the Winters aren’t the only ones threatening to tear them apart. Both have pasts returning to haunt them, and secrets that they’d rather keep. But it was far too late for second thoughts.

After him, how could she ever bear to go back to the merely ordinary?

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3 thoughts on “Winter’s Lure now available

  1. Done with Wnter’s lire. Too many cliff hangers with one couple. This would be less frustrating if you do a few with Stephen & Celeste, a few with the brother and then move over to the sister maybe…Knowing that I have to go through 8 books before getting to the bottom line is not very appealing to me. Nothing wrong with the story line, it’s great but a shortened version would really be great😊


    • I’m going to pass this along to the reviewers who keep telling me that it’s too short. LOL 🙂

      I will be releasing the series as a bundle when it’s finished for the people who prefer to get the whole thing at once, because I know not everyone likes the installment/cliffhanger format. The eight installments combined will add up to about 120,000 words, or a bit over twice the size of a normal category romance. That should be the best of both worlds, and hopefully it will keep everyone happy.

      I might try combining the stories for Andrew and Sherri in the follow-up series. That’s actually not a bad idea at all.


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