Winter’s Price now available


It seemed as though everything was beginning to unravel.

Andrew was trying to destroy her. Alan was threatening to reveal the secrets of her past if she didn’t pay him off. Someone was terrorizing her with phone calls and emails and worse. Stephen and Derek were away, and she was all alone. And Stephen was never going to believe the truth. Everyone around them already assumed the worst. Celeste knows him—he’d pretend to blow it off and swear that he believed her, but inside it would start eating away at him and he’d never be certain that she was on the level.

Could I stand to leave him before he told me to go?


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OK, maybe it is least, since apparently no one on Kobo wants to buy my books anyway. Probably because they can’t find them.  😛


9 thoughts on “Winter’s Price now available

    • I’m honestly not sure. They manually review each book, so sometimes they take longer than the other sites. The last few installments went through in under 24 hours, but I’ve had things take two weeks or more. I’m hoping for tomorrow, when the regular weekly review team gets in. Everyone has been slow this weekend. It’s still not up on Kobo, either, and it was showing that it was published on B&N but wasn’t available in the store.


  1. OMG LOVING THIS!!!When will Storm n Touch be out!!!I cant wait for the ending I knew Trisha had something to do with it i also thought her father.


  2. Omg seriously I don’t know if I can wait I downloaded and read the whole thing in record timing on no joke 1 hour sleep in 32 hours I need more now….please


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