Winter’s Storm Now Available


What had Alan told Andrew?

Her ex’s revelations to Andrew Winter meant that her entire past was now an open book to the man who wanted to destroy her. With a little digging he’d have more than enough dirt to ruin her forever in Stephen’s eyes. Somehow she has to defuse the situation with Stephen before Andrew can lay out the sordid details of her earlier life.

But the whole world seems to be conspiring to steal every chance she has to talk to the love of her life alone, and then her worst fears are realized. Andrew has left town on personal business and flown to Midland. Alan had said that he’d told Andrew everything. Everything meant Midland.

Everything meant her mother.


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It’s still in the publishing queues on the other sites. I’ll post updates here as they put it up.

Edit: It’s up everywhere except Kobo. They’ve been having some kind of technical issue with publishing new books since last week. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed soon.

One more installment to go! Thank you to everyone who has come along for the ride. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have. You’ve made this experiment a huge success. Now I need to ask another favor – I need reviews on Winter’s Heat.

I want to run a couple of promotions once the series is finished, but the sites that do the promos have a requirement that the book needs to have a 4.0 rating on Amazon. Winter’s Heat currently has a rating of 3.9. If any of you could take the time to post an honest review to help bump it up over the threshold, that would be awesome. There are a *lot* of people who don’t want to read a series until all of the books have come out, so advertising the free first installment once Winter’s Touch comes out is kind of a big deal.

The “official” release date for Winter’s Touch is July 9th. I’m going to try to get it done a little earlier to wrap things up so I can take a couple of days off over the July 4th weekend, though, so keep an eye out here or watch for a newsletter announcing the release.

Love you guys! Thanks for making this all possible.


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