Sneak Peek: Dark Bargains

Dark Bargains : a romantic suspense

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Everyone has secrets.

After coming home from a trip to Macau to settle some business for his casino magnate father, Lucas St. Cyr’s life is suddenly full of mysteries. How did a sweet, small-town girl like Diane Blanchard end up as his psycho half-brother’s fiancee? Why does she remain with a man she obviously can’t stand? What secrets is she hiding behind those haunted eyes?

Why has Marcus suddenly decided to marry a woman so completely unlike anyone he’s ever shown any interest in before – a woman who doesn’t love him, but who quietly endures his humiliation and abuse? What hold does he have on Diane to bind her so completely to his will? Why drag her unannounced to the family home in Las Vegas?

Of course Lucas has his own secrets, his own demons. But how long can he continue to keep them locked away when his defenses are being unraveled by those ghostly blue eyes? His past and present are blurring until he’s not sure what’s real any longer. What is it about Diane that reminds him so much of…

But that’s a secret, too.

Dark Bargains is a six part romantic suspense serial with cliffhanger endings. Coming very soon.



13 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Dark Bargains

    • It isn’t out, yet. I got caught up in a couple of big messes at home and then with my other pen name in Kindle Unlimited and so I kind of let things slip. The good news is that I’m working on Dark Bargains 2 now and making good progress, so I should to have it done by the end of the week and up early next week. I’m trying to get parts 2 and 3 done as quickly as I possibly can because there’s been such a gap since part 1 came out.


    • I know. I suck. I am working on it, I promise.

      This is my first real romantic suspense/gothic and there’s a bit of a learning curve to keeping the suspense going while developing the romance and weaving all the little threads together without losing track of anything. The story isn’t cooperating worth a damn, either. It keeps going off on weird tangents that I really didn’t anticipate, and then I’ve got to fix that up without screwing up what’s already happened or wrecking the ending. My writing is usually really close to the original outline I put together before I start – but not this time.

      I had no idea it was going to be like this when I started. Winter’s Heat and With One Word were so much easier. This whole series should have been finished by the end of November. I’m thinking I’ll just stick to novels and avoid serials after this.

      Anyway, I apologize for taking so long. I’ll get the next one up as soon as I can hammer it out.


  1. thanks sorry to keep asking when Thayer are ready can u let us know I think ur a good writer I have really enjoyed reading ur books


  2. Oh, goodness, don’t apologize to *me*! I should have had this silly thing all wrapped up by now. I’ll send out a newsletter and make a post here on the blog when the 3rd installment comes out, so if you’ve signed up for my newsletter or you’re subscribed to the blog you’ll get an email letting you know.


  3. Is part 3/4 /5/6 ready yet I have been waiting since Nov 2916 its now April 2017 I have not seen it I was enjoying reading them


  4. I got into dark bargin have read them both can’t wait until the 3,4 5,6 is out I have read these books twice cause I want to know what going to happen


    • I hope to have a new installment out in July. Things have happened that have prevented me from getting any writing done for a while, but I haven’t forgotten about it and the series isn’t dead.


    • I am going to try to get the next installment done in January. I’m writing again after the disaster that was 2017, though not as quickly as I’d like. The series will get finished this year, though. Hopefully before summer.


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