Dark Bargains is now available


Everyone has secrets.

After coming home from a trip to Macau to settle some business for his casino magnate father, Lucas St. Cyr’s life is suddenly full of mysteries. How did a sweet, small-town girl like Diane Blanchard end up as his psycho half-brother’s fiancee? Why does she remain with a man she obviously can’t stand? What secrets is she hiding behind those haunted eyes?

Why has Marcus suddenly decided to marry a woman so completely unlike anyone he’s ever shown any interest in before – a woman who doesn’t love him, but who quietly endures his humiliation and abuse? What hold does he have on Diane to bind her so completely to his will? Why drag her unannounced to the family home in Las Vegas?

Of course Lucas has his own secrets, his own demons. But how long can he continue to keep them locked away when his defenses are being unraveled by those ghostly blue eyes? His past and present are blurring until he’s not sure what’s real any longer. What is it about Diane that reminds him so much of…

But that’s a secret, too.

Dark Bargains is a six part serial with cliffhanger endings. If you don’t like serials and you don’t like cliffhanger endings, I will be releasing a bundle of all six installments when the series is finished.

20,000 words / approximately 80 pages


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