Dark Bargains 2 is now available


I killed her.

Lucas told me that he killed his wife, but he refuses to say any more than that about what happened. Is it true? Does it even matter? I’m starting to fall for him anyway, just like Stephanie has. But Marcus is never going to let me go, and he torments me with what can never be.

Do you really think a man like Lucas, who is as proud as Lucifer and can have any woman he wants, is going to settle for his brother’s cast-off whore?

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I have two of them haunting me right now. One of them was my wife. She’s dead. The other is the woman my brother brought home. He’s killing her. I have to find a way to save her, but I’m not sure I can even save myself. And I’m beginning to wonder if she’s even the woman I thought she was.

If she’d sleep with Marcus, would she do other things for him? Like prank calling his brother pretending to be his dead wife?

Dark Bargains is a six part contemporary Gothic/romantic suspense serial with cliffhanger endings. If you don’t like serials or cliffhangers, I will be releasing the entire series in a single, novelized volume when it is complete.