Winter Billionaires: Andrew

The story finally came together for me last month and I was able to plot the whole thing out in detail, so I went ahead and had the covers done. The first installment will be out later in March.  I think it will work better as six installments rather than eight.

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No, I haven’t forgotten about or given up on Dark Bargains. But I’m still struggling with fixing it after I messed it up and I need to get something written in the meantime. I’m hoping that shifting gears will clear my head and give me a fresh perspective on it.


7 thoughts on “Winter Billionaires: Andrew

    • No, it hasn’t come out. I’ve gone through a very bad time where I haven’t been able to work for months at a stretch. Major depression, then divorce followed by worse depression… I’m slowly coming out of it, but I’m still barely able to get any writing done right now. I’m hoping that in another couple of months I’ll be doing well enough to get back into it. But writing romance is really difficult for me after all of that. I can’t make any promises about release dates.


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