New Release – Winter’s Fall

The long overdue follow-on story to Winter’s Heat


Most fairy tales start with a wicked stepmother…

Nicole’s life in Key West was paradise until her father died. Then her stepmother stole his dive company, fired her, and kicked her out of her apartment. To add insult to injury, Nicole’s boyfriend dumped her for her stepsister. Now she’s alone, practically broke, working in a job she hates, and living in a squalid apartment with two roommates she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy. Well, maybe on her stepsister.

Then she runs into bad boy billionaire Andrew Winter. Literally runs into him, because the lunatic decided to drive his Mercedes through the worst traffic snarl on the island. When she loses her bartending job—thanks to her ex and her stepbrother—Andrew steps in to save the day. He’ll pay her to be his tour guide while he’s vacationing in the Keys. Why not? The money is good and the company is better, but it’s the kisses that keep her coming back. There’s just one problem—what’s she going to do when he leaves?

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4 thoughts on “New Release – Winter’s Fall

  1. Hi! Great read. Will you be releasing similar to the other Winters’ series – every couple of weeks/a month? Or are you planning slower releases with this series? Just curious since I’m already eagerly waiting for the second! Thanks.


      • Sorry to take so long to respond, Shannon, I’ve been insanely busy the last few weeks trying to catch up on things and this slipped through the cracks. I am working on both of the next installments in the Winter’s Fall and Dark Bargains series. I just got updated covers for the whole Dark Bargains series to give them a much-needed makeover. I’m going to be pushing very hard to get both series wrapped up sometime this summer and then finish the companion novel to With One Word.


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