New Release: Winter’s Bite


Andrew Winter brought a whole new meaning of heat to summer in Key West

The sexy as sin billionaire bad boy was enough to drive any woman crazy, and Nicole was no exception. Even the promise of a lost Spanish galleon full of treasure wasn’t enough to take her mind off of him for long. But the arrival of old family friends with a gorgeous daughter who had her sights set on Andrew reminded Nicole that her odds of finding the lost treasure were better than those of claiming her billionaire boss. Guys like Andrew didn’t happen to women like her—not for more than a night or two, anyway. That was reality, and she just had to accept it.

But it seems that no one had bothered telling Andrew that.

Available on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited

General Update

The next installment of Winter’s Fall is complete and I’m doing the editing. It will be available later this week. As soon as that’s done I’ll be working on Part 3 of Dark Bargains. I’m going to alternate between those and Relentless until all three are done. After that I’ll do Willow’s story from With One Word.

I’m so sorry I’ve kept everyone waiting for these, but I think I’ve got my writing back on track and you should be seeing regular releases from me again going forward.