New Release – Dark Bargains 3


It’s time for the secrets to come out

The specter of Lucas’s dead wife now haunts them both. Was Diane’s vision real, or had she only dreamed it? Lucas intends to find out, but as with the other incidents of the past days it proves easier said than done. While he doesn’t want to believe that Diane has had any part in the incidents which have plagued him since his return from Macau, does he dare to trust her? He still doesn’t know what mysterious hold his brother Marcus has on her.

What if Marcus had planted her with Lucas at the house to fuck with him, knowing he wouldn’t be able to refuse her?

With Marcus gone back to Louisiana for a few days, Diane finally has a chance to recover some measure of her balance—and sanity. More than that, it allows her to spend time alone with Lucas. Her attraction to him is growing stronger every day, and she wants so badly to tell him the truth about her bargain with Marcus. But she has seen how his father treated Lucas’s sisters, and knows first hand how ruthless Marcus is. Does she dare trust him with the secrets that could undo her entire family?

The only thing she knew for sure was that she wouldn’t trade these brief, precious hours she’d shared with Lucas for anything.

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