Olivia Blake is the romance alter ego of erotica author Kelli Wolfe.

I love reading romances – contemporary, paranormal, Regency, Gothic, you name it. If you’ve read any of my work as Kelli Wolfe, you know that a lot of my stories already tended to have strong romantic elements. So I decided to give writing real romances a whirl and found that I really enjoy it.

My current serial, Dark Bargains, is something a little different from anything I’ve tried before. It’s a contemporary Gothic romance with all the trimmings – a tormented hero, a heroine in trouble, a beautiful but kind of spooky house on a lake, and the spectre of a dead wife looming over it all. I’m hoping it will appeal to the people who like Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which is one of my all-time favorites.

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4 thoughts on “About

    • I’m doing them on a 2 week schedule, so Storm on the 25th and Touch on July 9th. Since these are the last two, I’m going to try to get them wrapped up a little bit more quickly. We’ll just have to see how it goes, though.


  1. Hello! Could you please tell me if Relentless has part 2,3 and 4? At the end of 1 there were 4 books pictured, but I cannot find them.
    Thank you, Michelle


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