New Release – Dark Bargains 3


It’s time for the secrets to come out

The specter of Lucas’s dead wife now haunts them both. Was Diane’s vision real, or had she only dreamed it? Lucas intends to find out, but as with the other incidents of the past days it proves easier said than done. While he doesn’t want to believe that Diane has had any part in the incidents which have plagued him since his return from Macau, does he dare to trust her? He still doesn’t know what mysterious hold his brother Marcus has on her.

What if Marcus had planted her with Lucas at the house to fuck with him, knowing he wouldn’t be able to refuse her?

With Marcus gone back to Louisiana for a few days, Diane finally has a chance to recover some measure of her balance—and sanity. More than that, it allows her to spend time alone with Lucas. Her attraction to him is growing stronger every day, and she wants so badly to tell him the truth about her bargain with Marcus. But she has seen how his father treated Lucas’s sisters, and knows first hand how ruthless Marcus is. Does she dare trust him with the secrets that could undo her entire family?

The only thing she knew for sure was that she wouldn’t trade these brief, precious hours she’d shared with Lucas for anything.

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New Release: Winter’s Bite


Andrew Winter brought a whole new meaning of heat to summer in Key West

The sexy as sin billionaire bad boy was enough to drive any woman crazy, and Nicole was no exception. Even the promise of a lost Spanish galleon full of treasure wasn’t enough to take her mind off of him for long. But the arrival of old family friends with a gorgeous daughter who had her sights set on Andrew reminded Nicole that her odds of finding the lost treasure were better than those of claiming her billionaire boss. Guys like Andrew didn’t happen to women like her—not for more than a night or two, anyway. That was reality, and she just had to accept it.

But it seems that no one had bothered telling Andrew that.

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General Update

The next installment of Winter’s Fall is complete and I’m doing the editing. It will be available later this week. As soon as that’s done I’ll be working on Part 3 of Dark Bargains. I’m going to alternate between those and Relentless until all three are done. After that I’ll do Willow’s story from With One Word.

I’m so sorry I’ve kept everyone waiting for these, but I think I’ve got my writing back on track and you should be seeing regular releases from me again going forward.


Due to changes hostile to erotica which have been made or are currently underway by certain ebook distributors, I will be transferring some (or most) of my romance and erotic romance titles published under Kelli Wolfe over to my Olivia Blake pen name.

I apologize for the confusion this will inevitably cause, but I believe it is the best way to protect both myself and the readers who enjoy those books. My first priority is moving Obsessed and Relentless. I’ll post an update as I move on to other titles.

For those of you who didn’t realize that Kelli and Olivia are the same person, hopefully you’ll enjoy some of these books!


New Release – Winter’s Fall

The long overdue follow-on story to Winter’s Heat


Most fairy tales start with a wicked stepmother…

Nicole’s life in Key West was paradise until her father died. Then her stepmother stole his dive company, fired her, and kicked her out of her apartment. To add insult to injury, Nicole’s boyfriend dumped her for her stepsister. Now she’s alone, practically broke, working in a job she hates, and living in a squalid apartment with two roommates she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy. Well, maybe on her stepsister.

Then she runs into bad boy billionaire Andrew Winter. Literally runs into him, because the lunatic decided to drive his Mercedes through the worst traffic snarl on the island. When she loses her bartending job—thanks to her ex and her stepbrother—Andrew steps in to save the day. He’ll pay her to be his tour guide while he’s vacationing in the Keys. Why not? The money is good and the company is better, but it’s the kisses that keep her coming back. There’s just one problem—what’s she going to do when he leaves?

Available from Amazon

Winter Billionaires: Andrew

The story finally came together for me last month and I was able to plot the whole thing out in detail, so I went ahead and had the covers done. The first installment will be out later in March.  I think it will work better as six installments rather than eight.

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No, I haven’t forgotten about or given up on Dark Bargains. But I’m still struggling with fixing it after I messed it up and I need to get something written in the meantime. I’m hoping that shifting gears will clear my head and give me a fresh perspective on it.

So what’s next for 2017?

So as the year wraps up, I find myself pondering the long list of mistakes I made this year and planning how to do better next year.

First of all, Dark Bargains has been kind of a disaster. I deviated from my original outline and lost all of my momentum. The story is still there, but it has changed so much that it’s just not coming together. I’m still slogging away at it, but it’s really not working well in the serial format with the changes and I’m strongly considering scrapping that and just releasing it as a novel. Either way, it *will* be finished in 2017. I apologize for the delay, but sometimes this just doesn’t work like paint-by-numbers the way I’d like it to.

I really should have started on the Andrew story from The Winter Billionaires series already.  Honestly, I never expected the Winter’s Heat story to take off the way it did, so you guys caught me off guard without a follow-up ready. Billionaires haven’t really been my thing as a reader or a writer, so I’m still figuring that out as I go. It’s taken six months, but I’ve finally got some good ideas coming together and you can look forward to that in 2017. I’m thinking it’s probably going to be a bit shorter (Winter’s Heat was 120,000 words, about 500 pages in print which is *long*), and I’m still on the fence about whether I want to write and release it in the same serial format or whether to just publish it as a novel when the story is done. Given the number of one-star reviews I’ve gotten on Winter’s Heat for being a serial with cliffhangers, I’m strongly leaning towards doing the novel, though.

With One Word has been a quiet success. It’s not a huge seller, but the people who do read it seem to like it. That makes me happy, because it’s the kind of story that I really wanted to tell and why I started this pen name in the first place. I want to do more books like that. Innocence Whispers, Willow’s story, is 1/3 of the way done and as my Christmas present to me I’m dropping everything else for the rest of the year in a push to get it finished and published in January. The cover is ready, so I just need to finish the book. If I’m happy with it (and if my readers like it) I’ve got stories lined up for Willow’s friends Tegan and Lauren as well.

I’ve also got ideas for a couple of other series (novel-length series, not serial installments) sitting on the back burner. One is a set of military romances based around a team of former special forces hotties who provide international security in the nastier parts of the world as well as doing hostage rescues and anti-terrorism ops.  Another is a set of contemporaries about three brothers living in a small town in Texas who each desperately needs the right woman to come along and heal his mangled heart. I’d like to get to those sooner rather than later, but we’ll see how things turn out.

So while 2016 was kind of a mess, overall it was positive. In 2017 I’ll work to stay on point instead of being scattershot about publishing in different genres,  and I’ll be publishing more. I published over 300,000 words in 2016, and I fully expect to publish twice that much in 2017 as I’ve got close to 100k words of it already written. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it, anyway.