Dark Bargains

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The Winter Billionaires

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Lessons in Love

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30 thoughts on “Books

  1. Just finished reading the Winter Billionaires in less than 2 days. When will the next one be available so we can find out what happened to Celeste, and what the family tries next?


  2. I am LOVING the Winter’s Series! I read all 3 in the last day, and I am dying to find out what happens. Thank you so much for writing.


  3. When will winter’s chill be coming out just read all 4 book this weekend love then mm so much….wondering when winter’s chill will be available??????


    • Thank you. 🙂 I’m doing them on a 2 week schedule, so Storm should be out on the 25th and Touch on July 9th. Since this is wrapping the series up I may try to get them done a little quicker, though.


  4. I just finished parts 1-6. When will Winter Storm come out?? I can’t wait to see what happens!! I am in love with this series!!


  5. i am hooked on the winter’s !!! i have read all 7 books in 3 days on kindle. im ready for book number 8. will that be the final book in that series?


  6. Ok so just finished the Winter series loved them…so let’s talk when are the other books coming out you have Drake Rachel Andrew and Celeste father…the boys mother….come on is there more in the series????? Pleads your new reader


    • The good news is that Andrew will definitely be getting a sequel. It will be six installments rather than eight, and if that sells then I’ll do another six part sequel with Derek/Sherri.

      The bad news is that I don’t actually have a story for Andrew worked out in my head. I’ve got an opening, but not a story. So while I’m figuring that out, I’ve started a millionaire romantic suspense called Dark Bargains to keep things moving. Totally new characters, not related at all to the Winter series. I’m trying to get the first installment of it released before next weekend. The scheduling is really tight, though, because I’m also working on a four part serial called Obsessed under my other pen name, and I’ve got to have the third installment for that one done and published before the 26th because I’ve got a bunch of promotions scheduled.


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