Lessons in Love

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Lessons in Love is a new adult romance series about going away to college and falling in love for the very first time. While there is character overlap, each story in the series is a standalone with its own happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. All four stories are now available in one collection, Lessons in Love, with over 86,000 words (approximately 350 pages) of sweet, steamy romance.

First to Fall

It took only one day at college for life to throw a wrench in Alyssa’s plans. When she walks into the quirky used bookstore just off campus she expects to find a few old paperbacks, not to lose her head over the store’s sexy owner—and Kyle is way out of her league, the kind of sex-on-a-stick bad boy who would never give a girl like her a second thought. Or would he? There’s nothing Alyssa loves more than a good challenge, and this one promises to be a lot more exciting than running for class president. She just wants to make Kyle notice her, that’s all – to see her as a woman. How hard can that be? She’ll stop before she gets in over her head. But she can’t get those smoldering brown eyes and sinful smile out of her mind, and she keeps imagining his full, soft lips hovering a breath away from her own.

Would kissing him really be so dangerous?

First to Burn

Falling flat on your butt in the mud in front of the groom’s older brother is not the best way to make a first impression at a wedding. Kimberly expects the weekend to go downhill from there, but Colin turns a horrible experience into something she can laugh about, and before long she’s spending far more time with him than is good for her. While the sexy fireman puts out burning buildings during the day, he’s notorious for setting the sheets on fire at night with any woman who catches his eye, and Kimberly has no intention of being another notch on his bedpost. But is there really anything wrong with flirting a little with the blue-eyed fireman? After all, she hardly knows him and she’s really not interested in him that way. And it might be fun to see if he makes a move. Not that she really wants him to or anything. She just wants to see if he will.

Lusting over his scrumptious body a little and enjoying his teasing wouldn’t hurt anything, right?

First to Heal

For as long as Paige can remember she has wanted to be a librarian—unfortunately she’s pretty sure she’s going to end up a blue-haired spinster one with a house full of cats. All of that changes in an instant when Rhys comes within a breath of kissing her in the Special Collections department. The sexy ex-Army captain has been wounded in body and soul, but Paige believes she can heal him if he’ll only give her a chance. Getting him to give her that chance is the tricky part, though, since Rhys is convinced he’s all wrong for her and is doing his best to keep her at arm’s length. And what if he’s right? Is she really ready for this? How can you want someone so much that you ache from it, but be so afraid of it at the same time? But she decided the first day that she met him and felt that first stab of wanting that she would not allow fear to govern her where he was concerned. This is what she wants.

He was hers—even if he didn’t quite know it, yet.

First to Dare

Working at the music store was Lisa’s dream job. Unfortunately she seems to attract customers determined to turn it into a living hell. First of all there’s Jacob. The tattoo artist from the shop next door hasn’t stopped hitting on her in weeks, and doesn’t seem to understand the word ‘no.’ Then there’s the new guy, the arrogant jerk who shows her up in front of everyone in the store. After dealing with Jacob’s lewd advances, the last thing she needs is to be kicked in the ego. Still, the guy is seriously cute. If you like the type. Which she doesn’t. At all. But when she runs into him again at her favorite club he looks better than ever. Turns out he has a nice butt, too. It’s almost a shame that he’s not her type.

But the butterflies which exploded in her stomach didn’t seem to care.